Hello again, dear friends of the art of tokusatsu. This article is going to be a little bit different as it’s going to discuss casino games, but ones which were inspired by Japanese tokusatsu. The famous special effects art has influenced so many spheres of lives that it even reached casino gaming.

In this article, we will give you the 4 best slot games inspired by the enigmatic art of tokusatsu. As they are rather popular, finding the best USA online casinos that offer them, wouldn’t be hard at all.

Godzilla vs King Kong

Of course, we have to start our article by mentioning Godzilla (Gojira in Japanese). As we postulated in our review of the classic film, Godzilla was the first tokusatsu film that literally kickstarted the artistic movement in the film arts. It’s thus only natural to bring you the most beloved Godzilla-themed slot – Godzilla vs King Kong by Arrows Age.

Although King Kong wasn’t inspired by Godzilla (the Hollywood film came out earlier), the original film used similar special effects as Japanese tokusatsu films, representing the Kaiju villain. It’s no wonder that the two monsters finally met in the 2021 movie Godzilla vs King Kong.

Arrows Age studio has certainly picked its side in the battle as the bonus game has you play as Godzilla and your aim is to defeat King Kong. You have to turn cards and each Godzilla card gives you attack opportunities, while a King Kong card ends the game. You can also win between 7 and 12 free spins.

Jurassic Park

Many western fans of tokusatsu don’t recognise their own productions as being tokusatsu. They instead only consider Japanese productions of a particular style to be “real tokusatsu”. Japanese fans, on the other hand, are much more liberal in their interpretations and they see superhero movies and monster movies like Jurassic Park to be tokusatsu.

Steven Spielberg notes that he was heavily inspired by Godzilla and tokusatsu, calling it the greatest dinosaur movie. If it wasn’t for it, there would likely not be Jurassic Park. Relive the thrill of this science-fiction/monster blockbuster by playing Microgaming’s slot Jurassic Park.

The slot is inspired by the original 1993 film and it features characters from it, along with full videos from the movie. There are also amazing bonus features like the five distinctive free spins games that you can choose from (T-Rex, Velociraptor, Brachiosaurus, Triceratops or Dilophosaurus round), each one with its unique traits.

Microgaming released another Jurassic Park slot earlier this year.

Shark Blitz

In the same vein as Jurassic Park being tokusatsu, then so is Jaws, another movie by Spielberg. After all, they used huge animatronic sharks for the making of the film, and you could until recently see them in Universal Studios.

There are licensed physical slots based on the original movie, but sadly not any that are online. However, Shark Blitz by the tech-giant Playtech arguably does the job well with the amazing graphics featuring big scary sharks and the 5635 ways to win on the slot.

Shark Blitz has insane bonus features like the free games round where multipliers can continuously grow bigger every time. You can land between 8 and 15 free games, but you can also retrigger the future while playing the bonus and get up to 250 free games in total.

She Ninja Suzu

There are again a lot of arguments in support and opposition of whether some anime shows can be considered tokusatsu or not. This is because tokusatsu originally meant practical special effects, like those in Power Rangers, and you can’t really have those when you draw by hand or on the computer.

The proponents of tokusatsu animation, however, state that the content is important to note as well. She Ninja Suzu, a slot by Ganapati, tells the story of a little girl whose parents were murdered, so she trains to become a ninja and avenge the murders.

The slot features the Fight Bonus Game with amazing special effects, like modern CGI tokusatsu films, that see you become Suzu and fight your enemies by picking between attack and defense techniques.

The game is 100% interactive and you see Suzu complete all the commands. It’s rare to see an online slot where your choices impact the gameplay as much as they do in the She Ninja Suzu slot.